Why Invest In An Animal Deterrent Device For Camping Purposes?

Posted on: 26 October 2021

An animal deterrent is a device intended to frighten away animals when you're outdoors. Animals that you may want to consider an animal deterrent on include moose, bears, mountain lions, and coyotes. Animals may be considered potentially dangerous, simply a nuisance for getting into food, or in danger if they approach your campsite, so it's wise to have an animal deterrent handy.

You can buy an animal deterrent device, which can be as simple as a loud whistle or bell or something more complex with lights and danger scents, at your local camping store. Here are reasons to invest in an animal deterrent device for camping purposes.

You have the tools you need to keep you safe

Even if there are no active threats of wild animals in your campsite, you need to have the tools necessary to keep you safe. You may stumble upon a nest or den and be put in danger, or you may go hiking where the territory and what dwells in it has changed. Since an animal deterrent can be clipped to a belt look or stashed in a camping bag, it's easy to transport and you don't have to worry as much in the event you do encounter a wild and potentially dangerous animal.

You have protection for not just animals

If you were to get lost in your campsite or while hiking or backpacking, you can use your animal deterrent to attract help your way. Or, if you were to get injured while doing the same, you'd need to be able to bring attention to yourself. Your animal deterrent is good not just for keeping animals at bay, it's great for helping people find you. A bright flashing light in red or yellow may be distracting and scary to an animal but will bring help from people should you need it. A loud siren or whistle from a smaller animal deterrent device will scare away some terrifying predators but will help search and rescue people find you should you need help.

It's wise to have an animal deterrent for every member of your camping crew so everyone has additional help should they need it. Your animal deterrent does not have to be expensive to be effective and can even be as simple as a can of pepper spray or a loud whistle, which can work to keep you safe when you're traveling alone in other areas as well outside of camping. Get an animal deterrent from a company like Spark Away