Should You Stay At An RV Park Year-Round?

Posted on: 12 November 2021

People who travel with their RVs often stay at RV parks as they move from place to place. This can be a fun way to see the country and enjoy the perks of being in an RV park — like electricity and water hookups — along the way. However, there is another way to utilize RV parks. Some people stay at one longer-term, rather than traveling so much. Should you stay at an RV park year-round? Consider the pros and cons of this approach as you decide.

Pro: You get access to amenities outside of your RV.

Most RV parks have plenty of amenities for their guests to enjoy. There might be a pool, laundry facilities, a fitness center, and maybe even an on-site cafe or restaurant. If you stay all year, you'll get perpetual access to these amenities. It would cost a lot more, comparatively, to buy a house with all of these amenities or to stay in hotels that include them.

Con: You might be alone sometimes.

Most RV parks have busy seasons when they're bustling with people, but also slow seasons when almost nobody is around. If you decide to stay at an RV park all year, you'll be there during some of these slow times. You might get a little lonely as the only guest.

Pro: You won't have much maintenance to do.

You won't have to mow the lawn, paint a house, tidy the landscaping, or do much maintenance at all when you're staying at an RV park year-round. You'll have to take care of the inside of your RV, of course, but taking care of the grounds is entirely the job of the RV park's owners and employees. You can just relax and enjoy life!

Con: Staying in place for a long time isn't always great for your RV.

If you don't drive your RV for a whole year, the gasoline may age. The oil might gum up, and you may have some other maintenance issues. You can minimize these problems by moving the RV from time to time during your stay, but some people do find that to be a hassle.

If you don't mind driving around to keep your RV in good shape, and if the slow seasons don't bother you, then staying in an RV park full-time can be a great way to live your life when you want to settle in for a while.