Three "Other" Ways To Use A Down Camping Blanket

Posted on: 22 February 2023

When you shop for a down camping blanket, you almost certainly expect to use this piece of equipment during cold camping outings. Having a down blanket that you can drape on top of your sleeping bag, particularly if the sleeping bag isn't rated for winter camping, will ensure that you're toasty and warm throughout the night. This type of blanket is valuable to carry with you because of its versatility. While you might plan to use it on top of you most nights, there are several other ways that it can come in handy. Here are three options.

Wind Blocker

When you aren't sleeping, your down blanket doesn't need to just sit in your tent. Instead, there are several ways that you can put it to use around your campsite. One option is to use the blanket as a wind blocker. If a strong and bitterly cold wind is blowing across your campsite, it can quickly cool you down. Tie a piece of paracord between two trees and drape the blanket over the cord to create a wind blocker. Not only can this simple step improve your comfort level, but it can also make it easier to start and manage your campfire because the wind won't be interfering.

Ground Cover

There can be times that you're camping when you don't feel cold enough to use your down blanket on top of you. This doesn't mean that you should leave it in your vehicle, though. It can still be useful in your tent as a ground cover. Fold the blanket until it's the size of your sleeping bag, and then place it directly beneath the sleeping bag before you crawl in for the night. The blanket will provide some insulation from the cold of the ground, while also adding a soft layer beneath you.

Body Wrap

Some down camping blankets have snaps or domes along one or more edges. While you won't use them when you have the blanket over your sleeping bag at night, they can be handy at other times. Joining the snaps or domes together will turn the blanket into somewhat of a wrap or pocket that you can use when you're stationary. For example, if you're sitting around the fire but feel cool, you can remove your shoes and essentially step into the blanket. It will wrap around your body without any gaps to let cold air in.

To learn more, contact a professional camping blanket manufacturer.